Pix Mini Bluetooth Pocket Thermal Printer Price in Bangladesh

Print Anywhere, Anytime: The Pix Mini portable thermal Bluetooth pocket printer gives you the freedom to print on the go, whether you are traveling, at a party, or simply hanging out with friends.This printer does not require any ink or cartridge, use colorful thermal paper and make your happy moment with more colorful and enjoyable.

Mi Portable Color Photo Printer

Original price was: 8,500.00৳.Current price is: 7,499.00৳.

Pix A18 Cute Kids Camera 180-Degree Flipped Lens for Children

Original price was: 4,695.00৳.Current price is: 4,499.00৳.

Pix C22 RGB Cute Mini Portable Pocket Printer Machine

Original price was: 2,999.00৳.Current price is: 2,199.00৳.

Pix C23 Portable RBG Thermal Printer Machine

Original price was: 2,399.00৳.Current price is: 1,999.00৳.

Pix C23A RGB 7 Color Light Mini Portable Printer

Original price was: 2,299.00৳.Current price is: 1,999.00৳.

Pix L1 Portable Wireless Pocket Thermal Printer

Original price was: 2,795.00৳.Current price is: 2,699.00৳.

Why you should choose Pix mini Pocket Printer?

Ultra-Compact Design: This pocket-sized printer fits effortlessly in your pocket, purse, orbag, making it the perfect companion for your creative adventures.

No Ink, No Mess: With advanced thermal printing technology, the Pix Mini eliminates the need for messy ink cartridges or toners, providing hassle-free printing with stunning results.

Unleash Your Creativity: Customize and personalize your prints with the Pix Mini's accompanying mobile app, allowing you to add filters, frames, text, and emojis for truly unique and eye-catching prints.

Effortless Connectivity: Experience seamless printing with Bluetooth connectivity, enabling you to easily connect your smartphone or tablet to the Pix Mini and start printing in an instant.

Professional-Quality Prints: With a high resolution of up to 300dpi, the Pix Mini ensures sharp and vibrant prints, capturing every detail with professional-level quality.

Long-Lasting Battery Life: The Pix Mini is equipped with a powerful built-in battery, allowing you to print multiple photos and documents on a single charge, keeping up with your creative needs.

Versatile Printing Options: From photos to labels, notes to stickers, the Pix Mini lets you print a wide range of materials, giving you endless possibilities to express your creativity.

Instant Gratification: With fast printing speeds, the Pix Mini delivers your prints in no time, so you can share and enjoy your creations immediately.

Uncompromising Portability: Designed for those always on the move, the Pix Mini combines compactness, functionality, and style, giving you the ultimate portable printing experience.

Don't miss out on the chance to own the Pix Mini portable thermal Bluetooth pocket printer, the innovative device that brings convenience, creativity, and quality printing to the palm of your hand. Get ready to print your way to endless possibilities, wherever your adventures take you.

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